Hey there, fellow adventurer! I’m Basit. If there’s one thing I adore more than technology, it’s embarking on offbeat paths and uncovering the world’s hidden treasures 🏴‍☠️

My wanderlust was sparked by my explorations of Sindh’s uncharted territory, where I stumbled upon architectural wonders like Dalel Dero, a 1200-year-old fort 🏰 made from mud bricks and mortar, covered with fired bricks, a testament to the region’s ancient architectural prowess.

From there, I went on to explore several forts, lakes, shrines, ancient mosques, and mandirs scattered throughout the region, eventually arriving at Ranikot, the world’s largest fort. Climbing every mountain in that area, relishing in the breathtaking views of mother nature from their peaks.

But the real adventure began with my first solo trip to Gilgit Baltistan, the land of giants, in 2019. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to discover new cultures, traditions, religions, and landscapes. You could find me somewhere outside laying or sitting, stargazing even if its -24C 🥶, i would never miss the opportunity, I’m always up for the next adventure.

Through my blog, I’ll be sharing all my travel hacks, morale boosters, and insights from my travel experiences, so come along with me on this journey, and let’s discover the unknown together. Who knows, we might even become friends along the way 😉

Besides my love for exploring the world, I also enjoy the simpler things in life like watching movies and listening to music 🎬 🎵
I’m always excited to hear new and brilliant ideas and have a passion for working on different projects. And yes, at times, I do turn into a lazy couch potato, but who doesn’t? 🥔

As I traveled the world, I learned the beauty of surrendering to the cosmos ✨ and embracing the carefree nature of exploration. Whether it’s hiking through the mountains or just lounging around, there’s something liberating about living in the moment and letting go of the daily grind.

So, why not join me on this journey of discovery and see where the road takes us?

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